Yes, we did it. 11 Dec 2014 saw a night to be remembered. Over 150 eager audience turned up filling in every inch of available room above hipster hot spot Café Neustadt. Miloš Čermák, Editor-in-Chief of, kicked the evening off with an account of his incessant successes. While Miloš might have been too perfect for the night, Tomáš Čupr, founder of, and, proved the right man for the fail job. Having lost over 30mio, he still cheered and smiled. Pasta Oner, a foremost Czech graffiti artist,  went straight to why IT people are not to be trusted no how the heart should be the main guiding light through the darkness of Czech business. Andrea Kosařová of Pracovna finished off with a frank story about how difficult it is to make ideas happen in public space.

Then came the beers, sandwiches and Polaroid. Many thanks to Nadace Vodafone Czech Republic, Novoměstská radnice, Městská část Praha 2 and Café Neustadt for supporting FuckUp Nights Prague Vol.